Essays and Articles:

The Charged World in Image Journal 

Memphis Burning in the Memphis Flyer

When a Green Book Site Goes Up For Sale in The Atlantic’s CityLab

The Last Time in A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments

Please Keep Doors Closed in Image Journal

Writing That Hurts in The Rumpus 

Crying in Church in Image Journal

A Parable of Produce in Gravy

Depth Sounding in A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments

Graphic Essays : 

Even the Dead Could Not Stay in The Atlantic’s CityLab 

To Save a Town ‘By the Grace of God’ in The Atlantic’s CityLab

The Final Days of a Memphis Housing Project in The Atlantic’s CityLab

Portrait of a Vacant Lot in Ecotone Magazine 

Giving a Memphis Hero the Recognition He Deserves in The Atlantic’s CityLab

Consolation Puppies in Granta

Doggamut in Ecotone Magazine

The Economics of Lynching in Memphis in MLK50: Justice Through Journalism 

Interviews and Profiles: 

Jelani Cobb on Progress, Policy, and People of Conscience in MLK50: Justice Through Journalism

Where do we go from here? A Q&A with Journalist Jelani Cobb at Facing History and Ourselves 

The Ecstatic Vision of Sally Mann in The Hollins Critic 

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Interviews with Sally Mann and Karen Bender in Hollins Magazine 

The Way Life is Lived: a Profile of Mary Carter Bishop in Hollins Magazine

Shorter Works:

On Don’t You Ever: My Mother and Her Secret Son in The Kenyon Review 

Nonprofit Bakery to Experiment with a Living Wage in MLK50: Justice Through Journalism

CHOICES Chooses a Living Wage in MLK50: Justice Through Journalism

Hard History: The Lynching Sites Project in The Memphis Flyer

Deer Season in The Common

What’s Left in Paper Darts Magazine 

Animal Heart in Ghost Proposal

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